Climate-related Transnational Municipal Networks (TMNs) have gained prominence. Scholars have discussed their effects, including their capacity to generate novelties. Yet, some confusion remains in this area. Focusing on the governance instruments generated by TMNs, this article asks: why do some TMNs generate more novelties than others?

The research conducted for this article involved a social network analysis supported by qualitative data, using data compiled by the author on TMN memberships, partnerships and governance tools. Findings suggest that the most central TMNs, which also have diverse contacts, can draw on huge volumes of diverse information to generate novel governance instruments and evolve. Other variables, e.g. organisational age, are also involved.

This article contributes to the literature by offering an explanation for the capacity of some actors to generate novelties in global climate governance. It also provides a better understanding of the ways in which TMNs seek to steer their numerous city members towards climate action.

Full article available here