Published on Apr 01, 2022

The latest in the Earth System Governance Cambridge Elements series is now out:

“Changing our ways” by Peter Newell, Freddie Daley and Michelle Twena. Elements are short, concise, and policy-relevant reads. They are open source for readers. In this Element, the authors develop an account of the role of behaviour change that is more political and social by bringing questions of power and social justice to the heart of their enquiry in order to appreciate how questions of responsibility and agency are unevenly distributed within and between societies. Read more here.

New Earth System Governance Cambridge University Press Publication: Climate Refugees

The last few years have witnessed a flurry of activity in global governance and international lawseeking to address the protection gaps for people fleeing the effects of climate change. This book discusses cutting-edge developments in law and policy on climate change and forced displacement, including theories and potential solutions, issues of governance, local and regional concerns, and future challenges. Edited by Simon Behrman, University of Warwick, Avidan Kent, University of East Anglia, it will be available at the end of March. Read further here.