Published on Mar 31, 2022

The 2022 Mentoring Initiative officially commenced last week, as 36 peer groups were formed. A huge amount of support has been offered by the project’s Lead Faculty and Senior Research Fellows for this initiative. The groups represent a wide range of diverse topics and meetings will be taking place across and within all time zones. The participant list is a tribute to the global nature of our research community!

The ESG Mentoring Initiative is a one-year programme designed to support and guide early career ESG Research Fellows as Mentees, to assist in advancing their career trajectories, and provide advice outside of their departments and specific disciplines.

Mentors are distinguished scholars, invited from the ESG Lead Faculty and Senior Research Fellows, who share experiences and provide professional guidance for a small group of Mentees each. This initiative presents an opportunity to strengthen the ESG network by contributing to the development of future leaders in our field and bringing us closer together as a community.

We would like to extend warm thanks for all those who have offered their support for this initiative. We wish the groups a fruitful year with exciting new relationships and knowledge.