Utrecht University will host an inaugural meeting of the Earth System Governance Project’s new Taskforce on Planetary Justice on the 8th-9th of March.

This workshop will bring together a diverse group of scholars who combine different conceptual backgrounds and disciplines and share an interest in questions of justice on a planetary scale in the context of profound transformations of the earth system.

The workshop is the inaugural meeting of this new Taskforce on Planetary Justice and will work to further develop this research agenda. It will build the foundations and direction of this Taskforce and emerging field of research and collaboratively produce key questions to guide the Taskforce’s future work.

The Planetary Justice Taskforce is being designed to bring together scholars – both senior and early-career – who work on conceptual, empirical or philosophical investigations of “planetary justice”. The Taskforce is part of the global Earth System Governance Project, and is open to scholars from all disciplines, countries, career stages, normative backgrounds, and research objectives. It will also closely cooperate with stakeholders, among others through the new partnership of the Earth System Governance Project with the global NGO Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future.

Location: Academiegebouw

Contact person: Elizabeth Dirth, e.p.dirth@uu.nl

More information about the Taskforce can be found on its website.