The 2010 PhD training school of the COST Action on Transformation of Global Environmental Governance will address the general theme of global environmental governance and in particular its methodological challenges. Students will study novel ways of integrating insights from different disciplines, ranging from international relations to environmental law and policy, guided by internationally leading researchers. This programme will help students to better understand the causes of global change in an integrated manner and at the same time to develop options for the governance of a transition to more sustainable development paths at the national and global levels. The training school will address these methodological challenges with reference to a number of core problem areas, such as climate change, biodiversity, water management and global forestry.

Lecture slides and other materials are available for download here.

The COST Action IS0802 (TGEG) “The Transformation of Global Environmental Governance: Risks and Opportunities” is an Affiliated Project of the Earth System Governance Project.