PhD course: Global Environmental Governance Today – Actors, Institutions, Complexity

Venue: Lund University, Department of Political Science
Dates: 16-20 October 2017
Deadline for applications: 6 October 2017

This is an interdisciplinary third-cycle course offered by Lund University’s Department of Political Science and financed by the graduate research school ClimBEco of Lund and Gothenburg universities (‘Climate Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in a changing world’). The course is endorsed by the Earth System Governance project (ESG) and takes place back to back with the annual ESG conference & summer school in Lund.

The main course teachers and organisers will be Ina Möller and Dr. Fariborz Zelli, both from the Department of Political Science. The course will consist of 15 sessions, including several interactive seminars where students engage in group work and simulations. The course is open to Ph.D. students from all disciplinary backgrounds and universities. No extra course fees apply, but the number of participants is limited; in case of too many applications, priority will be given to students of the ClimBEco graduate research school and Ph.D. students of the Department of Political Science at Lund University. Before applying, please liaise with your supervisor on the acceptance of course credits in your programme or university.

B.A. and M.A. students as well as post-doctoral fellows are more than welcome to participate as guests. The course is particularly designed to be accessible for students from very different backgrounds, including different natural science disciplines. Therefore, the introduction of key political concepts and international relations theories will include some elementary aspects. Students with a more advanced theoretical background in political science will nonetheless benefit from the 2 application of these concepts and theories in a series of simulations and
interactive sessions.

Please note that funding for travel and accommodation can only be provided to students from the ClimBEco graduate research school. We ask for your understanding that we will not be able to reserve any hotels or make recommendations.

Please apply for participation by 6th October by sending an e-mail to, providing the following information: your name; university; discipline; faculty status (Ph.D. student or different); ClimBEco status (currently member of 2-year ClimBEco programme or external applicant); and whether you like to acquire ECTS credits or just a participation certificate. We look forward to welcoming you in Lund.

For the course syllabus with more details and instructions how to apply, please follow this link.