Public side-event at the Lund Conference on Earth System Governance “Towards a Just and Legitimate Earth System Governance: Addressing Inequalities”

The interdisciplinary academic conference in Lund from 18-20 April 2012 is expected to bring together about 300 scholars from more than 30 countries. The discussions will focus on research on accountability, justice, democracy and legitimacy. This side event will look into the relevance and possible role of a global parliamentary assembly in global governance and explore whether there are research gaps that still need to be addressed.

The event is jointly organized by the Earth System Governance Project and the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly.


Ruben Zondervan, executive director, Earth System Governance Project
Andreas Bummel, Secretary-General of the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly

John Dryzek, Australian National University, and Lead Faculty Earth System Governance Project
Andrew Strauss, Widener University School of Law

Frank Biermann, VU University Amsterdam; Lund University; and chair of the Earth System Governance Project

After the presentations, participants are welcome and encouraged to engage in a discussion with the speakers.


This side event is open to the public and admission is free.


Lund University, Palaestra et Odeum, Lund, Sweden.

Speakers (in alphabetical order)

Frank Biermann is professor of political science and of environmental policy sciences at the VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and visiting professor of earth system governance at Lund University, Sweden, and chair of the Earth System Governance Project. He specializes in the study of global environmental politics.

Andreas Bummel is the Secretary-General of the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly. He is based at the Committee for a Democratic UN in Berlin, Germany.

John Dryzek is professor of Social Theory and Political Theory in Australian National University’s Political Science Program in the Research School of Social Sciences. He specializes in democratic theory, especially deliberative democracy.

Andrew Strauss is the Associate Dean for Faculty Research and Development and a Professor of Law at Widener University School of Law. He specializes in international law and international organizations, especially a global parliament.

Jonathan Kuyper, Australian National Univcersity

Ruben Zondervan is the Executive Director of the Earth System Governance Project. He is based at the International Project Office hosted by Lund University, Sweden.


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