Building on dynamic concept of polycentric governance, the aim of this meeting is to reflect the work undertaken by the INOGOV relating to climate change policy and governance innovations. The meeting will host a range of talks by researchers, key note speakers, a panel discussion and behavioural experiments on climate governance.

The meeting Hosted by: SPECTRA, Centre of Excellence at Slovak University of Technology and Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava. The event also includes the INOGOV Management Committee meeting and Working Group 4 meeting 2016, and is endorsed by the Earth System Governance Project.

Keynote speakers will be Marco A. Janssen, Arizona State University, who will speak about “Governing global climate change from the bottom up”, and Victor Galaz, Stockholm Resilience Center, on “Beyond Environmental Institutions – Complexity and Polycentric Governance in the Anthropocene”.

INOGOV is an Earth System Governance Affiliated Project. It is an international network of excellence dedicated to understanding policy and governance innovation for climate change. With 27 countries currently signed, it draws together scholars and practitioners who focus on particular aspects of climate change policy and governance innovation, namely their ‘sources’; ‘diffusion’; and ‘effects’.