The International Scientific Conference “Actual Environmental Problems” has been held at the International Sakharov Environmental University (ISEU), 10-11 November 2011 in Minsk, Belarus.

The Earth System Governance Project has been represented at this conference by its executive director, Ruben Zondervan, who presented the research framework and the organisation and activities of the Earth System Governance Project in a key-note speech at the opening plenary.

The conference opened with words of welcome by Prof. Semjon Kundas, Rector of ISEU; Yury Miksiuk, Head of the Higher and Secondary Specialized Office of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus; and Maria Germenchyk, Vice-director of the Belarusian Research Center «Ecology» under the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Ministry of the Republic of Belarus.

The Plenary Session included following presentations:

1. MESPROM – Developing and Running a Joint Masters Program In Environmental Sciences, Policy And Management
Prof. R. Mnatsakanian
Department of environmental Sciences and Policy, Central European University , Hungary

2. Earth System Governance: The Concept and Organisation
Ruben Zondervan
Earth System Governance Project; and Lund University, Sweden

3. Significance of Renewable Energy in Sustainable Development
Aleh Rodzkin
International Sakharov Environmental University, Belarus

4. Management of the Carbon Dioxide Absorption to Protecting Biodiversity, Easing Climate Change and Workplace Creating on an Example of a Research Facility “Krzywda”
Adam Kierzkowski
Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland

5. Kyto Protocol as a Framework and Tool for Climate Change Mitigation
Irina Voitekhovitch
Joint Institute of Energy and Nuclear Research “Sosny”, Belarus

The participants of the Conference continued their work in the frame of four thematic sections during the following two days.

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On 11 November 2011, Ruben Zondervan also presented the policy assessment on the Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development in a seminar for PhD and Master students at the International Sakharov Environmental University (ISEU).