How can we address the deepening socio-ecological crisis of the Anthropocene from a legal perspective? The first of the ESG Speaker Series of the year will take place on February 4th at 16.00 UTC + 1. Earth System Governance scholars will explore this question through a recently proposed legal paradigm: Earth System Law. 

The notion of the Anthropocene has gained prominence in the last decade, highlighting the fundamental impact of humans on the planet and trajectories of an intensifying socio-ecological crisis. In this Webinar, Prof. Louis Kotzé and Dr. Rakhyun E. Kim argue that International Environmental Law has become unsuitable for governing the Anthropocene: analytically it is unable to respond to complex earth system governance challenges; it does not offer appropriate norms to prevent earth system decay; and it is not ambitious enough to achieve necessary radical transformations. 

These deficiencies of International Environmental Law has led scholars of the Earth System Governance Taskforce on Earth System Law to propose an alternative future pathway for law in the Anthropocene.

This session will first introduce the concept of Earth System Law by Prof. Louis Kotzé and Dr. Rakhyun E. Kim. Next, an invited critique of the proposed paradigm is offered according to its analytical, normative and transformative dimensions, by Research Fellows Laura Mai, Dr. Marie Petersmann and Emily Webster. Lastly, the audience are invited for discussion and question-and-answer before concluding the 90 minute session.

The meeting will take place on February 4th at 16.00 CEST, via Zoom. The link to join will be sent when you register with the link below.

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