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Global sustainability and earth system governance have more often than not centered on the formal processes of environmental governance development, from negotiations to policy programmes and their implementation. While constituting the obvious building blocks of the environmental architecture, these negotiations and outcomes can be shaped by non-state actors and processes ranging from information provision to protests and strikes. Environmental activism is dynamic, often changing in scale and tactics to respond to changes in global governance, or anger at the state of the world. This dynamism may require nuancing and reconsidering our theories of how NGOs and movements shape global governance.

Against this backdrop, this panel examines what is unique about recent waves of cimate mobilization, as well as the question of engagement with vs. opposition to formal global sustainability governance institutions. We take climate change as a case study while opening the discussion to other horizons.



Amandine Orsini, Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles


Jennifer Allan, Cardiff University, on the basis of her 2021 book. The new climate activism: NGO authority and participation in global climate governance.

Joost de Moor, Leiden University, on the basis of his recent 2020 articles: Alternative globalities? Climatization processes and the climate movement beyond COPs and New kids on the block: taking stock of the recent cycle of climate activism


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