International politics have been handled by a growing number of international regimes, in extended issue areas such as international economy, security, migration, or the environment. While these regimes were initially meant to address specific issues, their scope have been extended, creating what has been described as “regime complex”, “regime interplay”, or “overlapping regimes”.  As a consequence, human rights issues are discussed at the WTO, climate change at the IMF, and gender at the Security Council.

The 2010 REPI Workshop will explore the causes and consequences of issue-linkages and regime-complexes. Can these phenomena be explained by strategic behaviors, such as bureaucratic entrepreneurship, forum shopping, or tactical linkages? Do regime-complexes lead to adversarial, cooperative or competitive relations between intergovernmental organizations? How are normative and legal inconsistencies handled? Are normative changes a necessary condition to link two regimes? What is the role of discourses and rhetoric in this process? These questions, and more, will be addressed during the workshop.

The thematic handled during the workshop, “Issue Linkages and Regime Complexes”, is directly linked to the Earth System Governance Analytical Problem of Architecture. Contributions propose new analytical frameworks, groundbreaking data and innovative policy recommendations to improve our understanding of regime interplays. These contributions help envisage the possible reform of the current architecture of regime interplays.

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